Run National Water Model (WRFHydro) on HPC through CyberGIS-Compute Service

Author(s): Admin

The goal of this notebook is to show the steps to run an example National Water Model (WRFhydro) model on HPC resources through the CyberGIS-Compute Service. This notebook uses wrfhydropy, a Python wrapper for WRFHydro, in model preprocessing and postprocessing, and the resulting ready-to-run model is handed over to CyberGIS Computing Service for execution on a supported HPC resource (Virtual Roger/Keeling at UIUC or XSEDE COMET at SDSC). This example is adapted from the "ex_01_end_to_end.ipynb" notebook from wrfhydropy official github repo, and users are encouraged to refer to the tutorials there to get familair with wrfhydropy usages. How to run: 1. Request to join the CyberGIS-Jupyter for Water group at 2. Click the "Open with ..." button in the upper-right 3. Select "CyberGIS-Jupyter for Water" 4. Run through the notebook

Keywords: CJW, cybergis-compute, HydroShare, National Water Model, WRFHydro

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