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Viewing Jupyter Notebooks with CyberGISX

Viewing a Community Notebook

Once you have found an interesting notebook on the Community Notebooks page, click “See the notebook” below the short notebook description to direct yourself to an informational page for that notebook. You can quickly scroll through a static snapshot of the notebook displayed on the page. If you are registered with CyberGISX, click “Open with CyberGISX” to open the notebook in the development environment.

Create Your Own Notebook

Once you have registered with CyberGISX, click on the “Launch CyberGISX” button on the CyberGIS menu bar. You will be directed to the notebook dashboard.

From the dashboard, you can create and then edit a new notebook. On the top right corner of the dashboard menu, you can select the “New” button and select one of the drop-down options to create a new notebook, text file, or folder. If you are just starting out, it is recommended that you select “Python 3” in this drop-down menu item. This will create a new notebook that uses Python.

Viewing an Outside Notebook with CyberGISX

You can upload the notebook from your home computer to the CyberGISX Jupyter environment. To do this, in the notebook dashboard navigate to the folder that you want to store the notebook in. Then in the top right corner of the dashboard menu select “Upload” and a window will open that allows you to select a file for uploading. Once you have selected your file it will appear in the file list. Click the blue “upload” button on the right side of the new file in the file list to complete the upload process.

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