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Running CyberGIS-Vis within a CyberGISX Notebook

You can run CyberGIS-Vis in your Jupyter Notebook installed on your PC as well as in CybearGISX. We recommend that you use CyberGISX because all the required packages have been integrated in CyberGISX.

To use it in CyberGISX, follow the steps below:

  1. If you do not have a CyerGISX account, create a CyberGISX account with your GitHub id at
  2. Open up the CyberGIX, click the “new” button on the top right corner, and select python3 and enter the command line below to download CyberGIS-Vis.
	!git clone
  1. This example (PYTHON_Quantitative_Data_VIZ/Adaptive_Choropleth_Mapper_geosnap.ipynb) uses data from LTDB. In order to use the data from LTDB, please follow insturctions in Install_geosnap.ipynb.
  2. Uncomment out the code below:
	#This is for CyberGISX. Uncomment two command lines below when you run in CyberGIX Environment
	#local_dir1 = servers1 + cwd 
	#local_dir2 = servers2 + cwd

    in the python code below:

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