Name : Zhiyu Li (zhiyuli)

Organization : CyberGIS Center @ UIUC

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A Vector Approach to Drainage Network Analysis Based on LiDAR Data

Drainage network analysis is fundamental to understanding the characteristics of surface hydrology Based on elevation data, drainage network analysis is often used to extract key hydrological ...

A Map Visualization Example using PyViz Tools in CyberGIS-Jupyter for water

This notebook is an example of a interactive map visualization which is the high level visualization using PyViz tools as post-processing of environmental modeling For this example, we used following ...

A Watershed Delineation Example using GRASS GIS in CyberGIS-Jupyter for water

This notebook is an example of a watershed delineation which is the basic step to analyze a inteteresting watershed We used GRASS GIS 78 version and shell script to apply GRASS GIS ...

Retrieve a large number of model outputs using Globus within CyberGIS-Compute

This notebook demonstrates how to use Globus within CyberGIS-Compute to retrieve a large number of outputs generated by a model executed on HPC, which is often needed for postprocessing work ...

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