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Spatial Accessibility to ICU Beds and Ventilators in Illinois

This aims to measure spatial access for people to hospitals in Illinois The spatial accessibiilty is measured by the use of an enhanced two-step floating catchment area (E2FCA) method (Luo & Qi, ...

Spatial Interpolation

Spatial interpolation is used to predicts values for cells in a raster from a limited number of sample data points around it We are studying streaming high-frequency temperature data in Chicago ...

Run ensemble Summa model on HPC

This notebook demonstrates how to harmonize different libraries and tools provided in the CyberGIS-Jupyter environment to run a 75-member ensemble SUMMA model with a High Performance Computer (HPC) ...

Spatial Data Exploration and Visualization on Google Colab

This notebook conducts spatial data exploration using geopandas and generates interactive map using bokeh This is a case study for demonstrating Wisconsin Voting in 2016 Presidential ...

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